i Editor's Letter: Bad things happening at i today


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Today brings new meaning to the phrase "it's not the end of the world" when bad things happen. But a bad thing is happening – for us – here at i today.

A tight team produces The Independent and i here in west London, tighter than we like to admit. As i is only two-years-old, everyone who creates it has much vested in its success. We are a close-knit team. The past weeks have seen a couple of key departures: Victoria Summerley, the editor of i's Saturday edition, changed her life to move to the Cotswolds and create a new garden. If you are reading this Vicky, we miss you. A name readers will know less is Katie Davies, a news editor who embraced i from her first day. Katie made a huge impact behind the scenes, and is someone we were happy to see every day. She has now moved to New York City.

Regular readers may know a little more about Charlotte, our feisty Geordie designer, because I have namechecked her a few times. Sadly for us, some of that Mayan prophecy has proven true. Today is her last day before she departs for a lucky rival. As I said this week, in a word full of drains, Charlotte is a wonderful radiator.

She has sat opposite me for two happy years while I nodded, pretending to understand whatever she was muttering about in her thick Geordie accent, a safe guess being a lust for junk food. She is a genuine young talent in part responsible for the sparky look of i, and many of its softer touches. We will miss her brilliance, banter and burritos, but still have a few hours to fill the vast gaps in her pop culture knowledge before she departs for broader (sheet) pastures. 'Til tomorrow.