i Editor's Letter: Great news for i and The Independent


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Exciting times here at i and its mothership The Independent. This publication continues to be the only newspaper in the country with a growing print circulation. On Friday the industry measurement system, the ABCs, recorded a 47% leap in circulation year on year to the end of August.

Last Thursday we recorded our third-highest daily sale with our Hillsborough front page (the post-Budget analysis and the Olympics closing ceremony special were numbers 1 and 2). Watch this space for some very exciting news from us later in the week. Thank you as ever for spreading the word.

For those of you that don't know, we produce i here every day out of the same content bank and using the same journalists (bar a little fairy dust sprinkling of extra news and additional columnists) as The Independent. That's why we can bring you scoops like Ian Herbert's astonishing preview of the devastating Hillsborough Report, and the work of the brilliant and indefatigable Kim Sengupta, this time in uncovering the real reason for the death of the US ambassador to Libya on the anniversary of 9/11.

This paper also has its pick of The Independent's outstanding array of columnists. However, because of i's "concise, quality" mantra there is much more written than we can squeeze in. It is also the case that in a 24/7 news environment readers may want to engage more immediately with a breaking news story.

The new independentvoices.com allows you to enjoy both that breadth and immediacy, and most importantly the chance to "get involved". The new site's own mantra: "Comment, Campaigns, Community" speaks for itself. We plan to link up with independentvoices.com as much as we can. We know from i's own mailbox just how much you want to engage with the important issues of the day. Well, now you have the perfect opportunity.