i Editor's Letter: i party was a resounding success and humbling experience


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"Humbling" is a much overused word this year, but it is the most appropriate one I can think of when contemplating the positive energy, loyalty, commitment and even evangelism displayed towards our two-year-old baby at its birthday party in the very cool environs of the Millbank Tower's Skyloft on Tuesday night. One young reporter here told me of the "zeal" with which i readers talked about the paper, and our proprietor, Evgeny Lebedev, was on hand to experience for himself the "love" in the room.

Readers had come from as far away as Lancaster, Portsmouth, Devon and Sheffield for the event. A special mention for David and Jean Watson who had come down from Newcastle armed with a present for our resident "feisty Geordie designer" Charlotte, wrapped in "Geordie" wrapping paper. A "Whey Aye Man" sign now hangs behind my head.

I am very proud to answer one of the questions that emerged repeatedly from the evening: do the Lebedevs "interfere"? Well, if you mean by that, do they ever tell us what to do editorially, the answer is an unequivocal no. If you mean: do they invest money in i via marketing and product support (and our salaries, obviously), well, then we'll take that.

Enough of brown-nosing the boss, the other question we were asked repeatedly was: why have these events? There really is no agenda beyond saying thanks and asking what you do and don't like about i. We do listen and act, but I can't promise we'll introduce bridge, or poetry, or even a blank space where good news should be (!). What do you think this space is for? "It's all good". 'Til next time...

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