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Last year, more than half of the 600 iWriters competition entries arrived in the final 24 hours – typical of both students and journalists. But, a tip on behalf of tutors and editors: early copy results in a less tired / grumpy reading session. A final reminder: the deadline is Monday 28 January at noon.

If you missed the original call for entries (if so, why so?) then listen up: We want 450 words on one of these five topics: should Britain stay in or leave the EU? The decline of our high streets and what it means. Why arts and culture matter in a recession. A defence of modern-day football (even more topical after "ballboygate"). And, do Britain's young study the right subjects and work hard enough? Not inspired? Then submit one of your own choosing. Emails only please to i@independent.co.uk, marking "iWriters" in the header and adding your current course and place of study. For all you "University of Life" jokers, here's a life lesson: you are ineligible. There will be opportunities for other readers in due course.

Want more tips? Please do not accompany your entry with a note saying "I'm not much of a writer and this isn't very good really"; or spell the names of three high street stores incorrectly; or add 's to plurals. Where does it come from, the 's plural? How do so many make the same mistake? Is it now taught in schools?

We all make mistakes, that's why we have "i was wrong". But mistakes on a competition entry when trying to prove yourself? In the first line? Not good enough. Just like any mistake in today's i is not good enough. I just know you will be trying harder to spot them now!

Happy reading and writing.