i Editor's Letter: Keep reading and responding


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As you might expect, we've had a terrific response here at i to The Great British Nursing Crisis, Christina Patterson's series of articles on care in hospitals.

Many readers have detailed their own experiences, and we have also had letters from retired nurses, about the changes that have taken place in the profession, and current nurses, who feel they are expected to do a very difficult job with little or no back-up – either from their managers or from the Government.

Christina will be writing every day this week, but she won't only be reporting on patients' experiences. Today, she looks at how nursing training has changed. Later this week, she talks to members of the Manchester Royal Infirmary nursing team about how they made improvements that benefited both patients and staff. So do keep reading - and responding.

As you know, we really value your feedback here at i Towers, so I'd also like to reassure all those readers who have expressed concern about the new Codeword puzzle arrangements.

We now give the solution to the puzzle a day later, rather than on a different page. This is frustrating if, like Jane Powell, you like to take a peep at the solution to see whether you're on the right lines. On the other hand, says Mary Essinger, it's much more rewarding to complete the puzzle without having had help.

I do the Codeword every day, and I can see merits in both these approaches. On a busy morning, I like to sneak a look at the solution, but given the chance of a more leisurely breakfast, I like to work it out by myself. We're going to leave it as it is – with the solution published the next day – for a month and see how it goes.

Stefano Hatfield is away