i Editor's Letter: Less truly is more


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Thanks to all of you who have written in to say positive things about our partnership with the Starbucks chain which will see i sold in 600 Starbucks cafés from 1 October. To us, and them, it seems the perfect combination.

Thanks too to those of you who have written in about a possible i-style football supplement on Mondays. The majority of those explaining why you might not buy i on a Monday cite the lack of a bigger football package. That, and your difficulties in finishing off weekend papers by the time Monday morning comes around. I again recommend our excellent sister paper, The Independent on Sunday. It is relatively concise compared to some of its bulkier rivals, and is a quality read.

Some of your ideas provide real food for thought. In no particular order, you would like: more coverage of other sports; more space devoted to women; some sort of fashion supplement; more business coverage; an "i on the world" global round-up (we do already have Panorama?); a preview of the week; more coverage of Scotland; more music, film and books. I could go on.

We really do consider them all carefully, but we cannot be all things to all people – not in 56/64 pages. Many of you wrote in to say don't change anything at all. Rest assured, we are not thinking of a major overhaul.

What you said about overkill is fascinating. In the past the media industry's answer to both problems and opportunities alike was "more". If there is one thing that is coming through loud and clear from you, it's that in all matters other than news and – for some – football, less truly is more.