i Editor's Letter: Merry Christmas, i readers!


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If it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas, that's because it is. Even traditionalists must relent today, and go fetch that tree. I know if I had to add putting up decorations to other last-minute preparations, it would tip me over.

If you haven't ventured out, there are already some extraordinary sales. As someone who pretty much only ever goes to the same three stores when shopping for myself, and then only twice a year at the beginning of each sale, Saturday was a rare personal success (even though I was supposed to be buying for others). You have to be either very tall, short, thin or plump to know that rare feeling when the jeans you need because the daughters are too embarrassed to be seen with you in your beloved holey pair are half price, in your size and in stock. If Mr Boss can make a 36 leg why can't everyone else?

There were some very frazzled people around. It's understandable. Most are just trying to make others happy; to give loved ones the meal or gift they think they want. Sometimes, we all need to step back from the frenzy and remember it is supposed to be festive; Christmas should be fun. I know some think that's just for children, but it's also for adults to step off the hamster wheel and relish the life and people they work so hard for.

On that subject, a little shout-out to Rhodri, Martin and all at i Towers on Christmas Day creating your Boxing Day paper (please buy it and tell your friends). A thought too for all others who work on Christmas Day, from hospital to retail staff.

Thanks again for reading i, and however you celebrate, may you be happy (and dry). Savour it. Buon Natale.