i Editor's Letter: "Morally wrong"


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We've heard the phrase "morally wrong" twice in the past 48 hours in two very different sets of circumstances.

First, there was the previously little-known Treasury minister David Gauke who was all over the front page of i and several other newspapers yesterday with his claim that paying workers cash in hand was "morally wrong".

Would that the other example had garnered such publicity, but that's all the more reason for me to raise it. Poor Janis Sharp also said the words (page 9). Who's she? She's the mother of Gary McKinnon, the Asperger's syndrome sufferer facing extradition to the United States over allegations that he hacked into US military and Nasa computers.

US authorities claim they suffered serious damage as a result of his actions, which some claim to be the biggest military hack ever. For his part, McKinnon claims he was looking for evidence of a cover-up of UFO activity and free energy suppression. He could face 70 years in jail.

His guilt or innocence is not for me to discuss here. But the extradition wrangle has dragged on for ten years! Ten years of stress, fear, lawyers and legal fees. Now Theresa May has further delayed a decision until October. Home Office lawyers blamed May's "all-consuming involvement in the Olympic security" (sic).

Janis Sharp responded that someone with compassion would just make a decision. How can anyone argue with that? How long does it take to decide McKinnon is not an American citizen and did not commit a crime on American soil? "Morally wrong"? How about "scandalous"?