i Editor's Letter: Mother's Day


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In the unlikely event that you have forgotten, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow.

i journalists cannot forget; the emails from public relations companies are a constant reminder. I know it’s a Hallmark Holiday, and we shouldn’t really need to treat our mums any differently from any other day, but the manner in which so much of our society disrespects its elders demands that we do all we can whenever we can to rectify the situation.

Want an example? Another day, another deeply depressing story about the way in which this country treats its elderly. A Which? survey labelled the treatment of the elderly at home as “shocking and disgraceful”, with medication missed, food left out of reach and soiled beds unchanged. How many more reports must the Government read before doing something about the cruel, false economy of the pitiful levels of funding it provides.

We ALL need to reassess our attitudes to the elderly, with a respect-first approach. Of course, not all mums are a magnificent 80 years old like mine. One of those emails ventured to suggest we might be interested in which areas of Britain had the most MILFs (look it up, but not if you are of a sensitive disposition). I can’t conceive of the geniuses that sat around a conference room table and said: I know a great idea for how to celebrate Mother’s Day: a MILF map of Britain. Sheesh! Who wants to think about their mummy being yummy, not just tomorrow, but any day?

By the way, mine once looked like an Italian Elizabeth Taylor (with a cigarette holder!). The best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to just be with her if you can (call if you can’t). If she is anything like mine, that’s all she really wants from you.