i Editor's Letter: Nodding off...


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Blimey, that was issue 400 then!

We are looking forward to celebrating with you at MOSI, Manchester, next week. It will be good to step off the treadmill for a night. I hope you will still be nice to me despite my daring to speak out against dogs yesterday!

I'm slightly dreading the train trip north with colleagues. Not because I don't like them and I cherish a chance to have a conversation longer than the normal snatched ones at i, but because I'm almost certain to nod off, and probably snore. I don't know about you, but these days I've hardly sat down in a comfy chair and I am off. It doesn't matter if it's a cinema, theatre or plane seat, or how happy I am to be there.

It's always at roughly the same time, too. How many first acts or film beginnings have I missed by nodding off about 15 minutes in? It drives my nearest and dearest crazy, especially as I blame them for not following my orders to dig me in the ribs and pinch me to keep me awake. It makes little difference whether or not I am enjoying what I'm there to see – I have twice nodded off this week trying to watch Jeremy Paxman's fascinating series Empire. The only snooze-free place is Craven Cottage – Fulham FC is rocking since they let out "The Pog"!

Maybe years of bragging that I need only a Maggie-like five hours a night have finally caught up with me. It could be the funny hours we keep at i – "funny" meaning really late. A lot of the time I smile as I eavesdrop on younger parents here at i as they moan about their sleep deprivation. It's odd how those same children that trample you awake before dawn as toddlers cannot easily be raised before noon once they are teenagers.

What about you? Do you, like me, put off sleep because you are afraid of missing out on something, or do you need and relish a full eight hours? I think I already know your answer!