i Editor's Letter: Our Caught & Social slot


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The slot in i that (some) readers complain about more than most is Caught & Social, our lone page out that focuses on show-business news, written by the capable and talented Luke Blackall. That's partly because we launched as an antidote to the celebrity-heavy coverage of British newspapers, and partly due to a little sanctimony.

In the past we've explained that newspapers are a mix of light and shade. A daily diet consisting only of North Korean nuclear tests, gloomy weather, horse meat, another decade of recession and the iniquitous Bedroom Tax would make for a grey paper and miserable readers.

I have come to be fond of some of the regular i correspondents. As you know, we have changed parts of the paper based on your feedback, and I've even questioned some of my own views.

However, what to say about readers who write in to say "Who on earth are these people?" the day after the Baftas, when "these" people include Tom Hooper, multi-talented director of The King's Speech and Les Miserables; Bradley Cooper, Hollywood's hottest actor and Oscar nominee; Jennifer Lawrence, actress of the moment; Andrea Riseborough, Britain's brightest young actress; Paloma Faith, one of Britain's top, young singers and, the venerable Samuel L Jackson?

Would you say that about politicians you don't know? Foreign leaders? Leading businesspeople? Show-business is a major UK industry. We are very good at it. We should cherish and celebrate that, enjoy our success. So, less of the sanctimony please, it's not as if we're talking about Katie Price!