i Editor's Letter: Our growing reader family


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Judging by the inbox and i's latest circulation figures (about which more at the end of the week), we are still – gratefully – welcoming a healthy daily tranche of converts to our growing reader family.

A shared desire, among readers old (if our early adopters can be said to be "old" after a mere 15 months) and new, is to have more of a voice in the paper itself. We try, but it's not always possible in a 56-page entity. Instead, our pledge is to listen just a little bit harder to what you want than some might.

Many of you have discovered our iPad app – again available for 20p a day. For the most part you seem happy with it, but we've received a few requests for the crossword (games, again!) to be interactive. This is now working successfully. Why not give it a try when you can't get a print copy?

However, one reader you can read today is Judy Parkinson. She wrote to us suggesting that we open up our popular "Postcard from..." element to readers. Good idea. Judy's contribution from Bologna can be found on p25. If you want to contribute, email 250 words to i@independent.co.uk. They tend to work best if you let i readers into a little-known but interesting fact about the place you are writing from. The rare snow in Bologna and – especially – Rome being a good example.

Were I the sort of writer that wanted to share my own holiday stories, then my postcard from Langkawi last month might have been about how seven years after the Boxing Day tsunami, the coral devastation that it wrought is still an ecological problem.

So, make them brief, make them quirky. No guarantees, mind – all aspiring writers must get used to rejection, however "unfair".