i Editor's Letter: Some answers to i's FAQs


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As I said yesterday, readers, old and new, have been emailing in your droves – some of you not even about Scotland! For the benefit of newer readers, I have pledged – foolishly – to read all your mail, and that either Hannah Nicholls or I will reply if you need one. Please put your name and hometown on emails, and remember if you text, that we cannot text back.

For those who wrote in asking what a Codeword is, (this space yesterday): it is a word puzzle that resembles a crossword. I can't say more, because I don't do puzzles, but so many of you who have come from rival titles have asked for one, that we are happy to introduce it daily from next Monday.

Many of the questions new readers are asking, we were asked a year ago when the first ad campaign ran. Here are some answers to i's FAQs: Yes, the same group of journalists here in Kensington produce both i and The Independent, almost simultaneously; we are deliberately 56 or 64 pages – bar the occasional 48-pager during the Christmas lull; your daily copy of i should have two staples in it; we give a platform to voices of both left and right; no, we really do not hate David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg, but columnists ranging from Mary Ann Sieghart and Dominic Lawson to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Matthew Norman may be critical of any and all of them; i is a celebrity gossip-free zone, but we do cover entertainment news; we don't publish full race cards as part of our attempt to stay concise.

There are no plans to raise the 20p cover price (30p on Saturdays); the editor would like to see older people on the Saturday Style spread too, but you try getting the fashion team to do what you want; we try hard not to be too London-centric; and, yes, the editor would like to see less attention given to the big six football teams too, but you try getting the sports desk...

Did that help? See you tomorrow.