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Happy Monday, what did I miss? Not a lot in truth. One problem with "staycations" is you don't switch off completely. So, I know that i's week contained Christina Patterson's remarkable series on nursing — a body of work that has garnered one of the largest mailboxes we have enjoyed in our brief 18-month life.

There is no pleasure in observing how many empathetic nerves she touched. Notable was the resigned sadness of many nurses who wrote in to say the situation is inevitable, given the intolerable strains of endless targets, layers of remote management and the hated Project 2000's detrimental impact.

It's difficult for me to comment on this, as I've had largely positive encounters with the NHS, but the volume of reader correspondence detailing similar experiences must not be ignored, let alone excused.

The other column that filled the i inbox to more than double this time last year's level was our student iWriter Sara Malm's damning of teacher unions over their threat to strike. Do I pass on to her the many vitriolic comments we've received? By definition, she is learning. But, if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it, and Sara (unwisely?) did exhort teachers to "grow a pair" as her sign-off. She may need to heed her own advice. Our iWriter today was incensed enough to ask if she could write a rebuttal.

Being a forum for debate is a key component of the i mix. Given that we now sell 29% more copies than we did a year ago (despite Ginny at my weekend party in Bristol telling me she "had never heard of it"), the formula is one you are embracing. Jane from Kensington told me so in the street yesterday. Note to self: We need to give more space to your views. A knock-on effect of growth is that it now takes hours to wade through your emails and texts, and respond where necessary. So, to quote Miranda's mum: "bear with". I read every one of them, honest guv. And we really do try to respond. If you want a quicker response, tweet me at twitter.com/stefanohat