i Editor's Letter: The implications of Budget Day


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Budget Day is anticipated with a relish bordering on fervour in most news organisations.

Every year there appears to be a greater appetite for leaks ahead of the day itself. Of course, it's worse under the Coalition. Lib Dems need to leak to make out they are not being ridden over roughshod, and No 11 will counter-leak to suggest this is George Osborne's work alone – well, apart from the bits for which he can blame Nick Clegg.

What about you? Will you be huddled around TVs, radios and live blogs (independent.co.uk between 12 and 2pm since you ask), desperate to find out if George giveth or taketh away? Most assume it will be the latter, which is why many people view Budget Day with surprising indifference. I still say interest is up since 2007.

I will be desperate to know its implications, of course, for me and mine, but also for so many others: from pensioners like my ma, to those in my hometown with no jobs, to friends who earn in the region of £43,000 with children and working other halves – plus small-business owners like my cousin and his pizza place, or my friend Mike and his apps start-up.

I saw Mike yesterday. After two years' hard slog, he is starting to get some genuine traction as a reward for the brave investment of his own cash. In that time he has gone from two to 30 employees, and what's more, he is working in just the sort of new digital creative space that UK plc needs to succeed in. The Budget must help him if we are all to claw ourselves out of our current mess.

Will it? See i tomorrow for a concise, quality guide to what happens later today. And, until then, check out our website.