i Editor's Letter: The winter blues


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Want some good news at the end of a gloomy year? We have now passed the shortest day, and I am halfway through my SAD time. Seasonal Affective Disorder is the official term. Now, I've not been diagnosed, and I do not wish to diminish the suffering of those who have been, so maybe I should say instead: I get the winter blues.

I never understand those who moan about summer, and say how much they would rather be enjoying the winter chill. Give me warm sunshine, a table al fresco and a chilled bottle of Domaine d'Ott, and I'm in toytown.

The blip in that long stretch of darkness is of course Christmas. I have made clear this week that I love the festive period (though not as much as a New England Thanksgiving). This year will be a little different, of course, as I will be here both Christmas Day and Boxing Day, with Charlotte, the feisty Geordie – if she can bear to leave her mam at lunch. We are planning our own party as we descend into the hysteria that is inevitable in situations like this. Just don't tell anyone. We don't want anyone to get the idea we might have fun working through Christmas, now do we?

So, yes, there will be an i both on Christmas Eve tomorrow, and on Boxing Day. So, why not work off some of those festive calories and nip out and buy one? Meanwhile, thank you to all readers who have been bothered to email and even post me a Christmas card filled with kind words about i and best wishes for me. I am touched by the effort and the messages - way too numerous to mention here. If you are not going to buy i tomorrow (and, why not?) then have a Merry Christmas, and for everyone else, see you tomorrow.