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Regular readers of i may have noticed that I am a keen gardener. I open my garden for charity at the end of August, so while you lot were glued to the telly this weekend, watching the wonderful spectacle that is London 2012, I was having a little green-fingered Olympics of my own in the backyard.

My horticathlon involved several different events. There was Rhythmic Weed-Pulling (closely followed by Strenuous Back-Rubbing). Then there was the Modern Lawnmower, and the Lawn Edging Marathon.

Pot-Lifting was a real test of strength, while the water sports (including the Hosepipe Slalom) were interrupted several times by the Frog Rescuing Sprint. We have a pond, and at this time of year, one is required continually to salvage small amphibians from the jaws of our two cats.

I had intended – by way of a rest from all the gardening – to visit the Olympic Park today to look at the planting there and see how it worked as a public space, but sadly my application for a pass was turned down.

Today, apparently, the Olympic Park is "very busy". I wonder if it's "busy" in the sense that the seats at Olympic events are all "full"?

Stefano Hatfield is away

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