i Editor's Letter: What a swell party


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What a swell party it was. If you've never been to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden then go. It's a great day out, more so while its Mind the Map exhibition is on. Of course, you won't have fab catering from Fizz, but, who would not want to be photographed as if driving an old Routemaster bus?

Thanks to the 300-plus of you that made the latest reader party such a success. Readers came from as far away as Stoke to tell us just how fond they are of i - or was it just for the promise of free cheese and wine?

Others going above and beyond on the night included two soldiers from Bath, who showed us how smartly you should dress for a party, even in civvies; plus a couple from Hastings celebrating their 33rd anniversary. A special shoutout to the embarrassed wannabe sports journalist standing next to his drunk mother, as she held forth on ... pretty much everything. His sotto voce, "Muu-um" presaged a lively old trip back to Luton!

So then, your gripes? Not enough science, perhaps a little more horse-racing, too many 10 Bests, (another) "bad taste" photo of the Queen. Oh, and it's been said I should change the headshot atop this column.

If there was one thing we took away that you loved about the paper it was (other than Simon Calder, who was like a flame surrounded by moths, and the sadly absent Deborah Ross) the lack of political bias. Or, as I tried to explain the attempted lack of bias with which we produce i. We will, of course, continue to bring you views from both the left and right.

Today the official ABC circulation figures will come out. Again, i will be up slightly month on month and hugely over last year. No other paper can say that. So, a big thank you from us for being such i advocates. Now, where shall we have the next party?