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"So, did he leave with good grace, or was it an Italian strop?" asked Kay Burley (Kay Burley!) of Lord Triesman on Sky News.

Had she not seen her own channel's wall-to-wall coverage of Fabio's exit? A patient David Bernstein told the hack hordes: "There was no strop, it was all very dignified." But, let's not let a good racial stereotype get in the way of the facts.

More dignified I'd suggest than the unseemly sparring between the Daily Mail's editor-in-chief, Paul Dacre, and Hugh Grant's barrister, David Sherbourne, at the Leveson Inquiry. It was tense stuff as Dacre, an absolute ruler, found himself in quite unfamiliar territory: having his statements and intentions interrogated.

It is a remarkable inquiry. There is the unusual sight of barristers in action on TV, asking questions of the powerful or merely famous. We have covered it, and the phone-hacking scandal, at great length in i's first year. Likewise the Arab Spring, the eurozone crisis, our own slump, government cuts and their repercussions, and many other stories – from Japan's tsunami to the Costa Concordia.

As we are new to each other, you readers and i, we don't know as much about what matters to you as we'd wish. We produce i on instinct, based on professional experience, from The Indy's fine journalism. So, we've created an online survey asking you what you think is important. It will take 10 minutes of your time, and I promise your answers will stay confidential, and that we will not share your information with a third party. If you are interested, www.independent.co.uk/isurvey is the link. Remember, there is a Saturday i. So, see you tomorrow. And, stay warm.