i Editor's Letter: Who else will blow the i's trumpet if not us?



A couple of readers (but only a couple) take me to task for blowing i's own trumpet. To which the only answer is: who else is going to do it? You won't hear about our circulation growth, awards or any other positives from The Telegraph, The Times and, most certainly not, The Guardian. We can all be modest personally, but we have to shout about i from the rooftops to be heard. It's dog eat dog out there in British newspaperland, and i is just a puppy.

That said, puppies grow up fast. So, we are delighted to announce that as of 1 October, we are partnering with Starbucks in a deal that will see i sold at some 600 outlets across the country from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, Starbucks will sell our fab sister paper The Independent on Sunday (why not try it?).

It's our latest attempt to adapt not only to the changing media environment, but also the evolving nature of our high streets and other retail areas, where today you are as likely to find a Starbucks as a convenience store. We're very excited by the chance to get into the hands of a whole new bunch of potential readers – for us it is an opportunity that some people still have not heard of i. Clearly, we have to blow that trumpet a little louder.

On the subject of adapting... as we approach our second birthday, discernible buying patterns emerge. One of those is that we sometimes sell slightly fewer copies on Mondays than on some other days of the week. Not every week, but it happens enough to make us wonder why. It can't be that you are all too lazy to get out of bed on a Monday, so perhaps it's something we can improve in the package, most notably a special football supplement during the season? Do any of you who do not buy i on a Monday have any thoughts? Or anyone else for that matter? Let us know via i@independent.co.uk. We do listen, and – within reason – aim to please.