i Editor's Letter: You can't win them all


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Ah, you can't win them all. So many of you write in with kind words both about i and this column. So, thanks to Matt Holland for jolting us out of any complacency by suggesting both Amol Rajan and I have nothing of interest to say, that we inhabit "a tiny world of our own", and readers "are not interested" in the goings on at the i office or "pitiable hero worship".

Now, Amol is more than capable of defending himself, but you can often judge a person by their heroes. Amol writes a sharp pair of columns every Tuesday and Thursday. He lives on the edge of reasonableness – but then, who wants to read a newspaper that is 100 per cent reasonable?

And, Mr Holland. I grant you this space is not as funny as Deborah Ross or Mark Steel's, or as provocative as, say, Dominic Lawson's. Some days, it is serious, but there are so many serious matters in i every day, that it is better used as a diversion. What's diverting minds right now is trying to forget the eurozone crisis, rising unemployment, soaring inflation, negative equity, ever-diminishing retirements and pensions. We are all almost entirely, crazily, focused on this Sunday and its paraphernalia.

We are so busy "elsewhere" that we even forget to do some of the things we like the other 50-odd weeks of the year – like buy a paper. While we are on that note, thank you to all readers who still spread the good word about i. Your continuing word of mouth is our most powerful advocate.

And, as for not being "interested in the i office", the prize of a day spent at i/The Independent (remember, we produce two papers out of the same overworked group of people in the same place) is currently one of the more popular lots in the i/The Independent charity auction. Take a look. You have until midday on Thursday to bid, and it's all for a good cause (or three).