Letter from the editor: A question of sport


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If you don’t like sport look away, because after weeks of hacking, the Norway horrors and the death of Amy Winehouse, I want to write about something uplifting – if only to cheer myself up.

Many of you write in asking why we don’t cover this sport more (speedway) or that (darts); others object to the “lack” of coverage of a specific event (Junior Rugby World Cup, Women’s Football World Cup). The answer is always the same: we have 56 pages and special interests scrap for every column inch.

There really is no conspiracy against anglers or show jumpers. And we do go to town on world-class British events like the Open and Wimbledon in sports that do not get attention week in, week out, but are nevertheless global and professional. Formula One meets this description too.

Four sports in the UK run high profile professional leagues. By far the most popular is football, but there are also the two rugby codes and cricket. Ice hockey has a league, but it struggles along. UK champs, the Steelers, would not worry the Boston Bruins much.

We cover the best overseas events too – like the thrilling Tour de France, which has won many new fans, including me. Closer to home, it has been an outstanding 2,000th Test match. A compelling victory even saw a slight increase of interest in the office in cricket, that most Marmite of sports.

Now, while we are debating this banquet of sports delights, spare a thought for The Independent and i’s outstanding sports desk – the only one in Fleet Street that puts out two quality papers on deadline every night. They are all stars, and have promised to cover Leeds Utd and the Championship much better next season. Thanks guys.