Letter from the editor: It will get better!

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So, how was it for you? Pretty good, I’d say, by the sound of things. I’m talking, of course, about the Saturday edition of i, which hit the streets at the weekend to a warm welcome.

One of the joys of the modern world of communications is that you don’t have to wait very long for a response and, by Saturday afternoon, through tweets, Facebook postings, and emails, it was clear that our new addition to the family had generally met with your approval.

I’d like to thank you all for your comments: our @i column on page 14 today is dedicated to your emails, while I have taken the hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts as my text.

The overall tone of the reaction was set by Laurent Zammit who said, simply, “Bravo — for me, it’s the best paper money can buy”, while Peter Kent was similarly effusive — “Saturdays will never be the same again”, he posted.

So, what were the things you particularly liked? The columns by Christina Patterson and Robert Chalmers; the sports pages (especially the Premiership team-by-team guide) and the TV listings pages (notice, by the way, that in response to your promptings, the Monday to Friday listings have improved, starting today). Ken Sykes complained that his wife had snaffled his copy — “I have never had that problem before” — while Sarah Shepherd said that she “liked Hugh Bonneville’s ‘My Secret Life’...coughs.” (Whatever did she mean by that?)

Apart from those of you who had difficulty locating a copy (we’ll have fine-tuned our distribution very soon), the only negative comments were reserved for our style spread — Mark Davies sensed a Metropolitan bias and wanted us to featured clothes more people could afford — while Lucy Donaghy was upset by Mark Hix featuring a recipe for veal — “cruel and vile”, she said — in our food pages. All in all, however, we are thrilled with the way in which i on Saturday has been received, we are enormously grateful for your support, and we make only one promise: it will get better! Have a great week!