Letter from the editor: Joy among the populace

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There’s not long to go, and the sense of excitement in the nation is palpable. I am talking, of course, about the launch of the Saturday edition of i on 7 May.

You may have read the stories about it: extra police being drafted in to prevent trouble at newsagents, people already starting to queue on the streets to avoid disappointment, and a general feeling of anticipation and joy among the populace.

Yes, it’s going to be a great day - even if we can’t guarantee what the weather will be like. I am still sifting through hundreds of your letters, suggesting what we should include in our new Saturday edition. A Codeword puzzle (whatever that is) seems to be one of your must-haves, so that’s a done deal.

Many of you want a seven-day TV guide, and I can understand why. We won’t have the space to do this (and still give you all the other goodies we have in store), but we’ll have a handsome TV planner that covers Saturday and Sunday.

Other readers have more specialised requests. Sarah Harris asks if we can recognise the growth in textile craft skills by including a knitting pattern. Jane and Richard Nichols want more sports coverage, cycling in particular. And Mrs T Shaughnessy loves the Getthe Picture quiz that appears inThe Independent Magazine, and wants to see it in i. “It’s one of the things my husband and I do in bed together at the weekend!” Too much information, Mrs Shaughnessy, but we’ll do our best to ensure there’s rapture between the sheets a week on Saturday!

And don’t forget we do publish on Bank Holidays and days of national rejoicing, so look out for us tomorrow as you line the streets with flag in hand!