Letter from the editor: Joy for such an unassuming couple


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"Do you not think you have won too much money?” said the BBC hack at the press conference for the £161m Euromillions winners, the delightful Colin and Chris Weir from Ayrshire.

You knew someone would try to rain on their parade. Yes, at first hearing, it is too much money. But if ever a couple could restore your faith in human nature and suggest they deserved it, then it was this ecstatic duo, sitting on Camelot’s sofa, kissing for the cameras in a manner that put Prince Albert and Princess Charlene to shame. “We’re not flashy,”said former health worker Chris, self-evidently. Quietly spoken Colin concurred, stressing repeatedly that charitable disposals of the money would be done “correctly”. Camelot had briefed them well. He clearly wasn’t used to spraying champagne around. She doesn’t even drink.

It was impossible to feel anything but joy for such an unassuming couple. Both hinted at health problems, both were a little hesitant at going into details. It’s not our business — I fear it will soon become so. But, glory be. They weren’t miserable “nothing’s going to changeers”. They will buy new houses for themselves and their children, and the cars those children couldn’t previously afford. The son Chris described as “a good-looking boy” is now one of Scotland’s more eligible bachelors, his sister will suddenly find herself a whole lot more attractive.

The Weirs have charities in mind, perhaps including Colin’s Partick Thistle. I am 100 per cent sure they will share their new wealth appropriately, just from watching them. The plans for a box at the Nou Camp, and to discover what’s so spiritual about Ayer’s Rock, travelling in luxury, not cattle class, brought a warm glow. What a welcome relief they were after two weeks of pinched expressions and forced smiles at Wapping and Westminster.

Too much money? It is really, whatever kindnesses the Weirs bestow. But the truth is we’re all greedy: if the prize wasn’t huge we wouldn’t all play. Thank you Colin and Chris Weir for putting a smile back on our faces. May you forever turn left on the plane.