Letter from the editor: Readers welcomed in discussions

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Two weeks ago, in the spirit of interactivity for which i is justly famous, I invited readers to take part in our afternoon conference at which the key decisions for the next day’s issue are made.

Yes, you too can hear our home news editor ask who the Beatles were. Or listen to the foreign editor tell us why his tweet complaining that he had woken up with a stiff neck was a valuable use of his time. Or wonder at the sports editor’s stout defence of Arsene Wenger’s latest tirade.

You responded in great numbers, and we have decided to open our doors to the three readers who wrote in offering the best reasons for inclusion in our discussions. They are: David Hill, a lecturer from London Metropolitan University; Oscar Tollast, a journalism student from Bournemouth; and Fiona Cayley, who says that she doesn’t get asked her opinion very often.

All had very sound reasons for wanting to take part in our decision-making process. Fiona says that she can bring a view we don’t hear very often: “If you want to know what’s going on in the world,” she writes, “come on a dogwalk with me and my friends. Nothing is too big or too trivial and we can deal with all the events of the day.”

Oscar is ambitious and has dreams of becoming a successful journalist. “I am fascinated by i,” he says. “I am curious to discover how a newspaper works without bias. How are the stories framed?” And David also wants to see the inner workings of the paper. “A new agenda is being set at i,” he writes, “and I would love to see how this sparks up in discussion.” You’re all welcome. It’s about time the standard of conversation round here was elevated!