Letter from the editor: See you tomorrow!

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Blimey. It’s been quite busy these past seven days. One wedding, a funeral (at sea), a referendum and, tomorrow, a birth.

Ever since i launched back in October, we’ve responded to the wishes of you, the readers. From small things – the inclusion of radio listings and racecards – to quite major things - being scrupulous about our non-partisan coverage of politics, and ensuring that we don’t go overboard in celebrity-driven “news”.

We’ve tried to give you the paper you wanted and, while newspapers often make grandiose, bogus assertions, I truly believe that our claim to be Britain’s most interactive newspaper is rooted in reality. A cryptic crossword? You got it. More arts coverage? Of course. More Manchester City news? Actually, that’s more of a personal issue, but you get my drift.

You want it, we endeavour to give it to you. And the biggest request of all? From the moment we embarked on this voyage, by far the biggest number of letters and emails were asking for us to launch a Saturday edition. And so, tomorrow, greeting the world for the first time is our new baby, packed full of fun and frolic, food and fashion, plus the news of the day, written with the usual quality, clarity and brevity.

We’ve been burning the midnight oil to perfect it for you - Jennifer, our design guru, has flown in from Barcelona with her bag of felt-tip pens and a sleeping bag; Stefano, our executive editor, has bags the size of trunks under his eyes; and I heard Linda, our production editor, normally a model of calm and patience, utter a swear word yesterday. We’re very excited about this new addition to the family, and tomorrow it’s over to you. Go out and buy it! And then tell your friends how good it is! And, for the first time on a Friday, I can say: see you tomorrow!