Letter from the editor: Some stories can't be concise

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It was one of those weekends which put everything into context, when we feel fraudulent complaining, for instance, about the weather.

Switch on any TV channel, and you’ll see the horrifying human cost when nature truly turns against us. The events in Japan have dominated the news agenda over the weekend, and will continue to do so for some time yet as the full toll of the earthquake and the tsunami that followed becomes apparent, and the individual tales of courage and tragedy emerge.

It is still quite a confused situation out there and we have two reporters on the ground, working under difficult and quite dangerous circumstances in an effort to provide you with as much quality, first-hand coverage as possible. We have devoted four pages today to Japan (plus Adrian Hamilton’s ‘My View’). Some stories can’t be concise.

In two days’ time, we reach our 100th issue (more about that tomorrow), but the week began with praise for this newspaper from unlikely quarters. First, The Guardian said i is ‘colourful, nicely-designed and it zips along at a great pace... there’s a lot of editorial to consume’.

And then The Observer said we’d done the impossible and expanded the number of newspaper readers. ‘A good idea - smaller, sharper and cheaper - can still work wonders,’ they wrote. And what prompted these paeans of praise? We’ve just announced our audited circulation figures for February, which show an average daily sale of 175,714, a rise of more than 30 per cent on our January figure. We are obviously delighted. But it’s your paper: so, go on, give yourself a pat on the back.