Letter from the editor: Spring is the in the air

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In the same way as my return to work yesterday was greeted like a ray of sunshine by my colleagues (as if!) and by my devoted readers (that’s you, Helen Moore, Ted Gledhill, Judith Barber and Clare Kurdi), it was also the day that, finally, spring was in the air.

At least it was in London. And as I surveyed the daffs in Hyde Park under a sky that was a pleasing shade of blue, I couldn’t understand what you’d all been complaining about these past couple of weeks!

Talking of complaints, it didn’t take long to settle back into the swing of things when the i mailbag metaphorically landed on my desk yesterday morning. Amid the welcome back messages (thanks to all four of you) were a number of letters taking issue with aspects of our sports coverage.

A few of you pointed out that we missed out Wigan Athletic from the Premier League table. This was a transmission error and, no, Martin from Blackpool, they haven’t been relegated already - although, judging by their luck on Saturday, it may only be a matter of time.

We also had a couple of readers who felt James Lawton had gone over the top, studs showing, in his dispatch from Liverpool’s defeat of Manchester United. “Each time a poorly judged tackle is made, someone like James describes it as an assault,” writes Chris Walkin. “Reporters need to act in a more reflective way.” A good point, although I thought the whole point of watching sport was to lose a sense of proportion.

On which note, thanks to Mike Doyle, who wrote: “Welcome back to the real world. It must make you especially happy to see that Man U were gubbed (sic) at Liverpool”. As you know, Mike, i is free from bias, so I can’t possibly comment. What I will say is that we all cheered when i passed 10,000 followers on Facebook yesterday. Another landmark moment for us. Thank you all.