Letter from the editor: The right decision

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Blimey, you know how to make us feel wanted! In this space yesterday I said that, in response to reader demand, we’re going to launch a Saturday version of i on 7 May, and ever since we’ve been inundated by happy i devotees who have left us in no doubt that we’ve made the right decision.

Not all of them went as far as Mr L Rowland from Dorset, who texted thus: “I would willingly sell my house and all its contents for a Saturday edition of i.” I don’t think we should take that too seriously, but Mr Rowland was, albeit hyperbolically, speaking for the nation. Our Twitter feed and our Facebook page received a flood of good wishes, and every couple of minutes, our inbox pinged with another message of support.

It has humbled us here at i Towers to know that you’re so much on our side, and thanks to all of you who wrote in, whatever your chosen mode of communication. I was amused by a text from Keith of Dover, which said “you truly r a listening paper. How about running courses for district councillors in this simple art?”

And I was gratified by a Facebook comment from Simon Coxon: “Does that mean the editor doing a six-day week? Surely not! And will Saturday editions have a letter from the editor? I think we should be told!” Well, Simon, I am afraid there will be no escaping what one of our correspondents charmingly called my “inane ramblings”. And if it makes you all happy, we’re just delighted to work a six-day week! (That’s all of us apart from Cooper Brown, who says he’s otherwise disposed on a Saturday.)

Keep your comments coming, and tell us what you’d like to see more of, or less of, in our Saturday edition. You wanted it: now here’s your chance to shape it. All suggestions seriously considered (apart from asking Cooper to get off his barstool!). Kelner out!