Letter from the editor: While the cat's away...


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While the top cat’s away... Regular readers of this column will know that our beloved editor-in-chief has decided to swap his i for some much deserved r & r, and is currently sunning himself somewhere remote and hot - though not so remote that he can’t download the i app daily to his iPad.

So, you’ve got me to kick around for a little while. “I trust you completely, just follow your instincts,” he might, or might not, have said during our handover meeting, when I suggested a few changes in his absence.

After all, i is still in its “snagging” stage. But apart from changing the name to we and banning the regular feature devoted to the minority view (i.e. Simon’s) that Man City are still in the title race, what to do?

As Simon wrote on Friday, from issue one we set out to be the UK’s most interactive and reader responsive newspaper. But, we can’t please all of our readers all the time. For those that love the new daily cryptic crossword, there are some who threaten to stop buying i because even the concise crossword is “too hard”. Next, there was our scrapping the word wheel fiasco, and then all hell broke loose when we dared to drop one of the sudokus!

From today, you will find the sudokus and word wheel back on page 55 where they belong, and “the cryptic” will bring some light relief to the news pages (see p18). It just shows how much you care about all the elements that go into making i and not just the hard news and opinion up the front.

Daily newspapers are a balance between light and shade, the serious and the trivial, but God help us should we treat the light less than seriously.