Letter from the i editor: i gives you a voice


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i needs you, and I need you.

As we approach our first anniversary, we will sit down here in sunny Kensington with the company’s big cheeses to have a first anniversary brainstorm.

You know: where we are, do we know where we’re going to, and other such riffs on 70s song titles. The i team has its own ideas for what to change and what to leave be, but, as ever, I’d like to go into the meetings with you at my back. I would hope you’d agree i enjoys an unusual degree of interaction between paper and readers.

We really do listen and try to give you a voice. Some of the elements you've helped introduce include a complete redesign of the television listings, expanded radio listings, a “Codeword”, a cryptic crossword to supplement the concise crossword, different cities on the weather page plus daily wind speeds and directions, the asterisking out of swearwords, the FTSE 100 table, a selection of the day’s top horse racing, and even a planned first-anniversary party outside of London.

The most important feedback to me was that which kept us true to the “quality” mantra. You’ve told us when we strayed a little from the diet of serious news stories for which you so clearly have an appetite. Now, some of you may feel we have ignored your suggestions, but I can assure you we wrestle daily with how to improve subject areas ranging from our coverage of Wales and Scotland to older people featured in Street Style; more women’s sports and howdifferent or not the Saturday paper should be.

These thoughts would not be for publication, but it’s your chance to make a difference to our paper. Thank you, and have a lovely weekend.