Letter from the i editor: It's better to receive than give

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I was going to write about what I learnt at the i birthday party today, but in truth that second sambucca shot made for a poor teacher.

I learnt that you are all clever, loyal and lovely, and enjoy the matrixes and obituaries of obscure-ish people. Regular readers will know I don't get out much during the week. So, going to a big awards event the night after i's party was never going to be wise – especially now that I'm more summer rooster than spring chicken.

It's the recovery time. I used to host a lot of awards shows, sometimes even present them. It's not for the faint-hearted. One memory that still induces a sweat was standing before 800 people on a Miami stage when my co-presenter lost their place in the script, and therefore my cue.

Sometimes, it's better to receive than give. People affect not to care about winning awards – partly so as not to look such a lemon when they don't. Actors at the Oscars have turned this into an art form, with an array of fake smiles that are almost worthy of awards themselves.

So the i team feigned nonchalance on Thursday at a media awards ceremony – hosted by the very funny Jack Whitehall – where we had been nominated for Launch of the Year. I mean, launching a newspaper in the interweb age? Get real. That was until we won. It wasn't quite singing “Fairytale of New York”, but it was a very sweet moment. Our MD, Andy Mullins - whose idea i was - declined modestly to go up on stage with us. But credit where it is due. We would like to thank our readers and advertisers for all your support in our first year. And, of course, my Ma!