Letter from the i editor: Our young brand


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Our second iWriter, Alex Fusco, met with almost the same approval as day one’s Natalie Cox. Although I have to take issue with the minority of dissenting readers who wrote in to say that Alex was only stating what everyone thinks.

This is simply not true — as I have written here before, millions of Italians still vote for Berlusconi and want to “be like Silvio”. The mystery lies in the inability of Italy’s Establishment to nail him, be it in the courts or at the ballot box. Today it’s the turn of young Josephine Forster (p16). May your mail not be too “catty”.

Wading through entries, I am again overwhelmed by your warm enthusiasm for our young brand. The latest example of that for me is the forthcoming i first anniversary birthday party. As ever we have been stunned by your keenness to be there, with readers writing in to request invitations from faraway Devon and Cambridge — that is far away for a party in Birmingham.

After a whole column explaining why we chose Birmingham, I was a little alarmed to read a couple of emails saying “Can’t wait to meet you all at the party in London”. Unless my bosses are having an i party to which I’m not invited (which is entirely possible) then please do not come to London on Wednesday 26 October, unless you have another event planned, of course.

So, if you want to meet the likes of Christina Patterson, David Lister, Deborah Ross, Hamish McRae, and other i names, including me, then email i@independent.co.uk. There will be wine and canapes at the Ikon Gallery between 7 and 9pm. You’ll also have a private view of the new Nedko Solakov exhibition there and a talk from the curator. Tickets are first come, first served. More news over the next week. I must be off: columns to read!