Letter from the i editor: 'Wednesday is Sven's Day'


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I am grateful to Dan Gledhill, the deputy editor of The Independent, for the headline, but as you will see from today, “Wednesday is Sven’s Day”.

Yes, the illustrious former England football manager is joining i to write an exclusive weekly column. I wanted to call it “Strictly Football”, but apparently his people weren’t wild about that idea. Shame. But we are delighted to have him, and hopefully he will help fill a gap for those who feel we don’t cover the Championship enough — your editor included.

It’s good to keep things fresh. Thank you for (most of) your first anniversary-prompted ideas for possible changes. Keep them coming — although we should be mindful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. One change we’ve decided to make although none of you actually asked for it, is to bring in a “corrections and clarifications” column on the letters page. It could end up being a daily item. That rather depends on the number of errors we make, and your ability to spot them — which, I fear, is infinite. We are planning to call it: “i was wrong”.

Clarifications are important to us, too. Readers sometimes miss an issue (unbelievable, I know) or perhaps don’t read this column every day, which is where we tend to explain or announce what’s going on with the paper - such as the iWriters and Cartoonist Idol competitions or news of the party in Birmingham.

So, for the first anniversary issue next week, we thought we’d give you a chance to have your question about i appear in print in a Q&A feature with me. Email questions to i@independent.co.uk by midnight this Sunday, with name and contact details, if you want it to appear in the paper.