Letter from the i editor: Who’d-a-thunk it?


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I hope you are enjoying i’s “Cartoon Idol” competition. Today, you’ll find another set of the pocket cartoons from our favourite entries scattered throughout news, and then our five best landscapes on pages 26-27. Keep your feedback coming.

Today, we’ll be putting to bed the first anniversary issue of i. Who’d-a-thunk it? We’re pretty much chained to our desks, and don’t get out much, which is a shame given how glorious it’s been in sunny west London.

Many of you ask whether the offices are glamorous? Which gives us all a quiet chuckle. We’ve had a few reader visitors over the year — most notably Fiona Cayley and her lush flapjacks — but most of you wouldn’t know. Why would you? The best we can say is that it’s quite “old school” here. We’re pretty crammed in: serried ranks of beavering hacks. It’s either freezing, or warm depending on whether you sit under an a/c vent – or, more likely, whether you are male or female.

With Kensington Gardens at one end of the high street and Holland Park at the other, we are spoilt for green spaces but, sadly, if any of us make it beyond the in-house canteen, it’s only as far as M&S Foods or the giant, wonderful, but phenomenally expensive Whole Foods downstairs.

Much of the latter part of the day is taken up with how to keep our bodies “as temples” with no time to have a proper lunch or evening meal and the above-mentioned temptations plus a kebab shop over the road and a big box of Dunkin’ Donuts calling our names. Yes, dear reader, I am ashamed to say we do eat at our desks. My personal favourite being the sushi from the fab Whole Foods Japanese restaurant.

So, now you know. I’m sure you’re glad you asked. And don’t even start me on “disco nights” when the bass comes thumping through from the Amika club below. Fun? You haven’t lived ’til you’ve spent an evening here!