i Editor's Letter: Which campaign trail to blaze?


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Yesterday morning, I received a cheque from a reader: “Pay Oliver Duff One Hundred Pounds Only--.” What a wonderful surprise. This is the first I’ve heard of an editor of a national newspaper receiving such a gratuity. (I’m not objecting.)

Jenny Slee from Chorlton,  Manchester, had a purpose to her generosity. Horrified by a report in i that Ecuador was ditching its innovative plan to protect swathes of the Amazon rainforest from oil drilling, after international donors failed to come forward with $3.6bn of funding, she wondered if there was any chance of reversing the decision. “Do you have among your readers any good millionaires/billionaires who could share a bit of their wealth?” she asked. “Especially if they have any children or grandchildren whose future comfort depends on the wellbeing of our fragile planet.”

She added: “I’m enclosing £100 cheque to start a fund if possible – or please if not pass it on to any environmental charity for me.” Perhaps our readers at Ecuador’s embassy (hello Julian) could pass news of this beneficence onto President Correa, and let us know what he would like to do with the donation.

It was one of those notes, like others we receive from readers, that puts a smile on your face in the morning. And there’s no price on that. It also prompts me to pose you a question we have been pondering for a while: should i campaign? And if so, for what? Many of you care passionately about a huge variety of topics, home and abroad, and we try to cover your interests. But we are also a broad church, pride ourselves on impartial reporting and don’t care for hectoring. Please let us know your thoughts.


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