The News Matrix: Friday 10 February 2012


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Three care home workers face charges

Three care home staff filmed taunting vulnerable patients in a Panorama investigation have pleaded guilty to ill-treatment. Wayne Rogers, Alison Dove and Holly Draper appeared at Bristol Crown Court charged with offences alleged to have occurred at the Winterbourne View home. MORE

Let's stop bashing banks, says Darling

"Banker and bonus bashing" by all three main political parties is making Britain a less attractive place to do business, senior Labour Party figures warned. Former chancellor Alistair Darling said people should remember the industry is vital for the whole country, not just London. MORE

Star judge hit with 11-year suspension

The career of Spain's most famous judge, Baltasar Garzón, suffered an abrupt and dramatic end yesterday when he was banned from his profession for 11 years for authorising illicit recordings of lawyers' conversations. The ruling is not subject to appeal. MORE

Mothers' chemo does not harm babies babies

Babies whose mothers undergo chemotherapy treatment during their pregnancy develop as normally as any other child, studies have found. The research, published in The Lancet and Lancet Oncology shows that women no longer have to delay treatment until the child is born. MORE

FBI file on Steve Jobs reveals his drug use

The FBI has released its file on the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, which notes his use of marijuana and LSD and cites people claiming he liked to "twist the truth". The 191-page file was part of a government background check.

More lives lost as Homs siege goes on

The world appeared powerless to stop the bloodshed as the Syrian regime continued its bombardment of Homs yesterday, reportedly killing scores more people. Western and Arab nations scrambled to come up with another salvo of diplomatic pressure as the siege of the city entered a sixth day, and activists described scenes of horror caused by mortar and rocket attacks. MORE

Guerlain apologises for racist remarks

One of the world's most successful perfumiers apologised in court yesterday for making "imbecilic" and "old fashioned" remarks about black people on French television. Jean-Pierre Guerlain, 75, declared he was "not at all a racist" and "profoundly regretted" the statements. MORE

Accountant jailed over £70m tax fraud

An accountant whose client list included Wayne Rooney and Jeremy Paxman has been jailed over a £70m tax fraud. David Perrin, a former HMRC official who lived a lavish lifestyle, had even taunted tax officials by recording a cover of "I Will Survive". MORE

Dragon's Den man twice fails to appear

A Dragon's Den entrepreneur accused of blowing his £230,000 investment on a luxury lifestyle rather than developing his satnav for skiers has failed to show up in court twice this week. Jean-Claude Baumgartner said he was snowed in on Monday, and claimed his bank cards were not working yesterday.

Divers look for teddy bear on sunken ship

Rescue divers on the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia completed an unusual mission this week – risking life and limb to retrieve a child's teddy bear after hearing that he'd been unable to sleep since losing it when the ship sank last month. The hunt for bodies on the ship was called off last week.

Savages said it ... with a severed head

Forget cards, chocolates and romantic dinners – 19th-century Taiwanese aborigines had a far more original way of saying I love you on Valentine's Day. Archivists have unearthed documents in the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew suggesting young savages would present their loved ones with the severed heads of enemies.

Homeless advised to stay in from the cold

A French junior health minister received some ribbing online after advising homeless people not to go outdoors during Europe's cold snap. Nora Berra was ridiculed after writing on her blog that toddlers, old people, the sick and homeless were particularly vulnerable and should "avoid going outdoors".

Fish trader in row over shark corpse

A Pakistani fish trader is locked in an unusual dispute with authorities after they objected to his charging 20 rupees (25p) to look at the rotting corpse of a whale shark he bought after it was found dead in the waters near the city of Karachi. He argued that he needed to recoup the 200,000 rupees he paid for it.