The News Matrix: Friday 10 June 2011

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PM responds to policy criticism

David Cameron has led a backlash against the Archbishop of Canterbury’s criticism that ministers were driving through radical policies not put to the voters. The Prime Minister said he “profoundly disagreed” with the remarks by Dr Rowan Williams.

Working at al-Qa’ida was like ‘The Office’

Intelligence recovered from Osama bin Laden’s hideout shows senior al-Qa’ida figures were caught up in petty squabbles and back-stabbing. Emails examined by the CIA suggest life in the upper echelons resembled an episode of The Office. MORE

30,000 people wait outside full camp

The largest refugee camp in the world – on the border between Somalia and Kenya – is full at 350,000 people, a medical charity warned yesterday, as nearly 30,000 people waited in desperate conditions to get in. MORE

No new inquest into scientist’s death

The Attorney General has refused to request an inquest into the death of David Kelly, the government scientist revealed as the source of a BBC report questioning the accuracy of a government dossier arguing the case for war in Iraq. MORE

Autistic man was unlawfully detained

The London borough of Hillingdon “unlawfully detained” a 21-year-old autistic man, Steven Neary, by keeping him in a care unit for nearly a year, a High Court judge said yesterday. MORE

$20bn deal to pave way for peace talks

The Libyan regime has been negotiating a secret deal with Greece to use $20bn of its frozen funds abroad for humanitarian relief for both sides in the civil war in a move that officials in Tripoli say is intended to pave the way for peace talks. MORE

Weiner’s worst yet hits the net

Anthony Weiner, the Congressman embroiled in a Twitter sex scandal, yesterday faced mounting pressure to resign, as the lewdest picture yet hit the internet. MORE

Possible inquiry for News International

News International faces the threat of a new police inquiry into allegations of illegal news-gathering. The Met is looking into the activities of a private eye who may have supplied information on Tony Blair. MORE

What on earth went wrong this time?

Three more blunders are being investigated by the exam watchdog, Ofqual, it emerged yesterday. The regulator said it was now studying six errors in this year’s papers – most of them connected with the AS-level exam. The latest mistake to emerge concerned a geography paper sat by 88,000 teenagers. MORE

Thief bagged over suitcase robberies

A man has been arrested in Spain for theft after climbing inside a suitcase in the boot of an airport shuttle bus and sneaking out to steal from luggage. An accomplice would put the contortionist in the luggage compartment, board the bus, then pick him up at the end of the journey.

Camels get the hump over cull

The Australian government is considering a scheme that would see “carbon credits” awarded for culling methane-belching camels that roam the outback. The animals are considered a pest. MORE

Morrissey charmed by veggie festival

A festival in Belgium has vowed to go vegetarian when the former Smiths star and animal rights campaigner Morrissey plays. The 10-day Lokerse Feesten is famous for snails and sausages, but all vendors will only sell vegetarian food on 4 August after agreeing a deal with the singer.

Malkovich directs Pinter tribute

A celebration of the life of the late Sir Harold Pinter is to be directed at the Edinburgh Fringe by John Malkovich. The Hollywood actor will direct Julian Sands in a month-long homage to the playwright’s life and work at the festival, before taking it on tour. MORE