The News Matrix: Friday 12 October 2012


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UK set to end 10-year boycott of politician

The British Government has said it is to end a 10-year boycott of India's most controversial politician, Narendra Modi, in order to promote the UK's "national interests". The move has been condemned by human rights activists who blame him for the murder of hundreds of Muslims a decade ago. MORE

Unemployment hits record high of 25%

Overall unemployment in the Mediterranean country hit a record high of 25.1 per cent in July as the country's financial crisis continues to exact its heavy toll, official figures showed yesterday. To compound matters, all indications are that unemployment in Greece will continue to rise.

Kim Dotcom plans online comeback

In a move bound to provoke prosecutors in the United States, and entertainment executives across the world, indicted Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is planning to launch a replacement of his shuttered website and a new online music service by the end of the year.

Plane crash test shown on Channel 4

A passenger plane has been deliberately crashed into a Mexican desert for a Channel 4 documentary. Crash-test dummies replaced passengers to allow scientists to investigate how survivable a forced landing at 140mph would be. The crew baled out of the plane before impact.  MORE

Alma, 7, composes Mozart-like operas

A seven-year-old has been compared to Mozart after writing her first opera and dozens of other compositions. Alma Deutscher, who lives near Dorking, could repeat nursery rhymes in perfect pitch before she could speak and became an internet sensation this week after Stephen Fry tweeted his astonishment. MORE

GCSE fiasco 'could happen again'

Headteachers have warned that the GCSE English grades fiasco could spread next year to other subjects. The Association of School and College Leaders said exams regulator Ofqual has failed to establish exactly what happened with the marking of English papers and that there are "strong grounds to be fearful" of the problem affecting other subjects.

Belfast split over first abortion clinic

Opinion remains divided on the streets of Belfast over the opening of Northern Ireland's first private abortion clinic. While some welcome it as an essential service, others are vocally opposed. One pro-life campaigner said yesterday she will take legal action to stop it. MORE

Eating disorder admissions rise 16%

A failure among doctors to make early diagnoses has been blamed for a 16 per cent rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders in the last year. More than 2,200 patients, some children, were admitted in the year up to June with disorders such as anorexia. Nine out of 10 were female. MORE

Heavy rain damages homes in Devon

Flash flooding has caused damage to homes and streets in Clovelly, a coastal village in Devon. Residents described the high street turning into a "river", with cobbles being pulled up, after 2 inches of rain fell in less than an hour yesterday lunchtime. Volunteers were helping those affected last night.

UK to spend £50m to mark First World War

David Cameron has promised £50m of funding to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. As well as "properly" funding a programme of events, £10m will go to the Imperial War Museum and £5.3m will fund school trips to the battlefields in France and Belgium. MORE

Syrian plane carried arms, says Erdogan

Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has insisted that a Syrian passenger plane forced to land at Ankara airport was carrying Russian-made munitions, putting him at odds with Moscow, which has condemned Turkey's actions. The plane was escorted to Ankara by Turkish fighter jets. MORE

Shot schoolgirl sent to protected hospital

Malala Yousufzai, the 14 year-old schoolgirl shot by the Taliban for "promoting secularism" on Tuesday, was moved to a protected army hospital in Rawalpindi yesterday amid continued fears for her safety.

Trawler clashes blamed on curbs

British trawlermen were attacked by French fishermen hurling rocks and firing flares. The incident, involving five British and 40 French boats, took place 15 miles off Caen on Monday. The dispute is over scallop beds where the French have a self-imposed closed season for the five months ending on 1 October.