The News Matrix: Friday 13 May 2011

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Report suggests new tax for elderly care

An “old age care levy” may be introduced to help fund the nursing homes of the future. A report for the Government is expected to suggest that significantly more money needs to be spent on elderly care, and advocate a new or increased tax rate. MORE

Third mutilated body found inYorkshire

Three mutilated bodies have been found in a quiet West Yorkshire suburb in just over 24 hours. The third was discovered on Wednesday night by firefighters called out to a bonfire. The corpse was so badly burned that its sex could not be identified. MORE

Facebook’s smear campaign exposed

Facebook has admitted it hired a PR firm to plant negative stories about Google. It was caught after a blogger published transcripts of an exchange with a PR firm employee who was trying to persuade him to criticise Google’s new networking tool. MORE

Thousands flee Mississippi flood

The bursting Mississippi was threatening last night to submerge more American farmland, homes and even towns. Thousands of people have fled their homes. MORE

Doherty will not face charges over death

Sheila Blanco, whose son died at a party attended by Pete Doherty, has accused police of a cover-up after the CPS said there was “insufficient evidence” to press charges. Mark Blanco, 30, was found dead beneath the balcony of a London flat in 2006. MORE

Top officer rejects Campbell’s claims

Alastair Campbell’s claim that the controversial Iraq dossier was not about putting the “case for war” has been strongly denied by a former top military intelligence officer, Major General Michael Laurie, according to the Chilcot Inquiry. MORE

Ex-minister Laws could return

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have held the door open for David Laws’ return to government. The former Liberal Democrat minister who broke expenses rules, was yesterday given a seven-day suspension from the Commons. MORE

Ukrainian had role in ‘killing 28,000 Jews’

John Demjanjuk, a 91-year-old Ukrainian, was yesterday convicted of taking part in the murder of nearly 28,000 Jews at the Sobibor concentration camp during the Second World War. He evaded justice for 66 years but will now be jailed. MORE

Two charged over terror attack plan

Two Americans of North African descent have been charged under anti-Terror laws in the US after planning to blow up a Manhattan synagogue and the Empire State Building. The two, who claimed the world was treating Muslims “like dogs,” were arrested after buying weapons, including a dud hand grenade, from an undercover police officer.

Scorned woman paints car after tiff

Right royal revenge? A motorist has been spotted driving around Birmingham with “Is Pippa’s Bum Still Better Than Mine???” daubed across the side of his Peugeot 206.

Donkey charity founder dies

Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, the founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in east Devon, died on Wednesday at the age of 81. She suffered a stroke. Since the charity began work in 1969, it has helped more than 14,500 animals.

Footballer sent off for dangerous hair

An Australian Rules footballer sporting a spiky mohawk was sent off for having a dangerous haircut in a minor league match near Melbourne last weekend. Nathan Van Someren was shown a yellow card during his team Simpson’s game against Otway Districts in the Colac and District League.

A bra – with lots of support

A Japanese lingerie maker has unveiled a bra that carries messages of encouragement from 36 different countries received in the aftermath of the devastating quake and tsunami. The white, bustier-style garment and matching skirt also has a tiny flag of each nation that sent a message.

Galliano to face trial for racist jibes

Former chief designer at Dior John Galliano will go on trial on 22 June on charges that he hurled racist insults at a couple in a Parisian cafe. Prosecutors warned Galliano could face up to six months in prison and £19,700 in fines if found guilty.