The News Matrix: Friday 14 December 2012


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Hoax call nurse left three suicide notes

The nurse found hanged after a prank call by two Australian radio presenters left three apparent suicide notes, a coroner heard yesterday. Jacintha Saldanha left two notes in the room where she died and another in her personal possessions. MORE

Victims get right to decide punishment

People who suffer at the hands of hooligans and nuisance neighbours will decide how those who made their lives a misery will be disciplined under new plans set out yesterday. The Government is overhauling Labour's anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos), and victims will be able to choose from a list of punishments including cleaning graffiti and paying compensation.

Costly change to court interpreters

The company responsible for "total chaos" when the Ministry of Justice changed the system for supplying court interpreters was fined only a "risible" £2,200, a report by MPs revealed. The ministry faces embarrassment for awarding the £42m contract to ALS.

Cameron wants UK incentive for EU deal

The Prime Minister will demand concessions for Britain in return for signing a treaty that will give Brussels a greater say over national governments' fiscal policies. David Cameron told his EU counterparts there must be some advantage for the UK in the eurozone's drive towards greater integration.

Dog detects patients carrying superbug

A two-year-old beagle could save hundreds of lives after being trained to sniff out hospital patients infected with the deadly superbug C Difficile. The dog, named Cliff, correctly identified 25 out of 30 patients with the bug after just two months of training in Amsterdam and can screen a ward in under 10 minutes. MORE

Spielberg leads field for Globes awards

Steven Spielberg's biopic of Abraham Lincoln leads the field at next year's Golden Globes with seven nominations, including one for Best Film Drama. It will compete against Argo, Django Unchained, Life of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty. Dames Helen Mirren and Judi Dench are in contention for actress awards. MORE

Google's maps app shows Apple the way

Google has released its maps app for the iPhone following months of complaints about Apple's own maps software, released with iOS 6. The Google version immediately became Apple's top app download. MORE

Spacecraft to crash into the Moon

The Moon is about to take another hit. Twin Nasa spacecraft are preparing to crash into the lunar surface next week after a successful mission mapping the Moon's gravity. Scientists say the crash will not be visible from Earth.

Syria: Russia admits its doubts over Assad

Syria's most powerful ally, Russia, said yesterday that President Bashar Assad was losing control of his country and the rebels might win the civil war. It is the first time that Moscow has acknowledged that the regime is cracking under the force of a powerful rebellion. MORE

United States: Rice ends bid to succeed Clinton

Susan Rice has pulled out of the race to replace Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State. She was criticised for saying the Benghazi attack that killed Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, was "spontaneous".

Venezuela: Chavez bleeds during operation

President Hugo Chavez suffered bleeding during his cancer surgery in Cuba but was recovering from the complications, it emerged yesterday. Mr Chavez suffered "bleeding that required the use of corrective measures" during Tuesday's operation, the Information Minister, Ernesto Villegas, told reporters.

Middle East: Palestinians march over Israeli killing

Thousands of Palestinians marched through the streets of Hebron yesterday, chanting anti-Israel slogans and waving green Hamas flags during a funeral procession for a teenager killed by Israeli troops in this volatile West Bank city. Youths also clashed with soldiers. MORE

Gaza Strip: Scent named after rockets in sales boom

Sales of a citrus-scented perfume marketed in Gaza have soared since it was named in honour of the rockets that Hamas militants shot at Israel last month, the manufacturer said. "M-75" perfume comes in men's and women's fragrances.