The News Matrix: Friday 16 May 2014


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European cash may fund UK food banks

European aid money may soon be accepted by the Government to support food banks in Britain. The Labour MEP Richard Howitt will claim today that Britain’s application for a £3m share of the new fund for European Aid to  the Most Deprived will mark a  change of previous policy to put the money towards other  schemes. MORE

Labour to pip Ukip in Euro elections

A “poll of polls” for i suggests that Labour are set to win the most seats at the Euro elections. Although Ukip (29 per cent) is ahead of Labour (27 per cent) in the share of the vote, the proportional voting system means that Labour would secure 24 MEPs and Ukip would get 23.

Two teenagers shot dead by Israeli troops

Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinian teenagers yesterday in a West Bank clash that erupted after Palestinians marked the anniversary of Israel’s 1948 creation. Officials at Ramallah Hospital say the two, aged 15 and 17, were shot in the upper body by live fire.

Paedophile helpline  prevents offending

A helpline for adults experiencing sexual thoughts towards children has aided two-thirds of potential offenders who changed their behaviour, according to the NatCen Social Research. However, the Stop It Now! helpline is missing some 2,200 calls a month when lines are busy.

Woman to be hanged over Christian faith

A court has sentenced a woman to hang for apostasy after she married a Christian. Amnesty International condemned the sentence as “appalling and abhorrent”. Local media report the sentence will not be carried out for two years after she has given birth. MORE

Travel warnings branded ‘unfriendly’

Kenya rebuked Britain, the United States, Australia and France yesterday for issuing warnings about travel to the East African country and particularly its main port city, Mombasa, after a series of attacks there. Kenya called the alerts “unfriendly”.

Why the Grey Lady replaced Abramson

The New York Times has replaced its first female editor with its first African-American editor. Jill Abramson was sacked after perceived opposition to the paper’s management. MORE

Three arrested over cocaine shipment

Three men have been arrested after cocaine worth tens of millions of pounds was found hidden in the hull of a ship when it berthed in Scotland. A total of 108kg of the drug was discovered in the rudder area of the bulk carrier, which had sailed from Colombia to the UK.

We don’t trust penny-pinchers

Penny-pinching is a sign of untrustworthiness, according to a new study. Students who took part in a series of interactive games in which they had to make decisions on whom to trust based on players’ generosity, opted towards those who were less stingy.

Hotel worker sacked for Jay Z video leak

A New York hotel has sacked the person who leaked a security video appearing to show Solange Knowles,  Beyoncé’s sister, attacking rapper Jay Z, the singer’s husband, inside a lift. The Standard Hotel said the person had been fired for breaching its security policies.

LA in crude ill health after oil pipe bursts

A broken oil pipe in Los Angeles has spilt an estimated 38,000 litres of oil on to the city’s streets, the LA Fire Department said. Crude oil spread for about 800m and reached depths that were “knee-high in some areas”. Four people reported breathing problems and two went to hospital.

Why octopuses  aren’t stuck up

Octopuses have evolved an ingenious way to avoid tying themselves up in knots, scientists say. The hundreds of suckers lining the creature’s tentacles will stick to almost anything – but not the octopus itself. A chemical signal in the cephalopod’s skin prevents self-adhesion.

‘Question Time’ to film at Heathrow

BBC1’s Question Time is to be broadcast from Heathrow Airport later this month. The political panel show, hosted by David Dimbleby, will come from the newly rebuilt Terminal 2 on 29 May ahead of its official opening to passengers.

Morrissey muses ‘Archers’ role offer

Morrissey has been approached to take a guest role on Radio 4’s The Archers by its makers. The former Smiths frontman is a vegetarian and vocal opponent of the livestock industry. The singer is said to be “fascinated” by the offer.