The News Matrix: Friday 22 April 2011

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Police call for calm ahead of big game

Police in Scotland have called for calm, insisting there is no general threat to Celtic fans ahead of Sunday’s Old Firm game, after letter bombs were sent to club manager Neil Lennon and two of its prominent supporters. MORE

Sarkozy set to lose presidential poll

President Nicolas Sarkozy faces humiliation in the presidential electionwhich will take place in 12 months’ time, according to polls. If the election were held today, Mr Sarkozy would be eliminated in the first round, the poll found. MORE

Clegg attacks PM as ‘dinosaur’ over AV

With the latest polling on the AV referendum showing 34% saying they would vote No, Clegg has launched a veiled attack on Cameron, branding the No campaign “dinosaurs”. MORE

Toddler dies in paddling pool

A two-year-old boy has died after being found unconscious in a paddling pool, police said. Police and ambulance crews were called yesterday evening to a house in Southampton, Hampshire, where the youngster was discovered not breathing.

Former suspect sues newspapers for libel

Chris Jefferies, 66, the landlord arrested on suspicion of murdering the Bristol woman Joanna Yeates has started libel and privacy claims against The Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Daily Record. MORE

Security forces ‘posed as medics’

A new report by the US-based group Physicians for Human Rights alleges that Bahrain’s security forces stole ambulances and posed as medics to round up injured protesters during a ferocious crackdown on unarmed demonstrators calling for reform. It also details incidents of torture and the arrest of one doctor in the middle of surgery. MORE

Diaries reveal details about Stalin

Two newly released diaries have shed light on Joseph Stalin. One, by his doctor, suggests illness could have helped to contribute to the paranoia and ruthlessness of his rule over the Soviet Union. The other, by his spy chief, Lavrenty Beria, reveals details of Stalin’s dealings with Winston Churchill. MORE

TalkTalk customers are not too happy

TalkTalk was the most complained about provider of landline and broadband services, and 3UK the most complained-about mobile provider, during a five-month period, according to new figures released by the communications industry regulator, Ofcom. MORE

Gang-rape victim fears for her safety

The Pakistan Supreme Court yesterday upheld the acquittal of five men charged over the gang-rape of a woman in 2002. Victim Mukhtar Mai says she fears for her safety if the men return to her village. MORE

Mafia used football teams for support

Anti-mafia investigators have seized control of two fourth division football teams that they said mobsters were using to boost support, in a move that also saw them confiscate assets worth €190m (£167m). MORE

Wombles to recycle hits at Glastonbury

The Wombles are set to recycle their careers as they perform together for the first time in years at Glastonbury Festival. The band, based on the children’s TV programme about fictional furry creatures who lived in Wimbledon Common, had a string of hits in the Seventies.

Politicians sacrifice sheep in Parliament

Parliamentarians in Kyrgyzstan have sacrificed seven sheep because they said there were evil spirits in the chamber. However, disruptions in parliament could also be blamed on partisan politics as the three members of the Central Asian nation’s fragile coalition bickered over policy.

David Frost sells off wine collection

Sir David Frost is selling off part of his substantial wine cellar after moving. The wine will be auctioned at Christie’s in London on 9 June and is expected to fetch between £80,000 and £120,000. It includes four bottles of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945 estimated at up to £4,000 each.

Zeta-Jones says ‘do not suffer in silence’

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, told US magazine People there was no need to suffer bipolar disorder in silence and the actress said she hoped the publicity surrounding her treatment – she checked into rehab after helping husband Michael Douglas fight throat cancer – might help others.

Disabled woman fights off muggers

A disabled woman, aged 49, headbutted a teenage mugger after he tried to rob her as she drove her mobility scooter. Three youths set on her in Barnstaple, Devon, and began kicking her. All three fled empty-handed after she fought back.

Apple ranked ‘least green’ company

Apple has been ranked the “least green” technology firm by Greenpeace for its reliance on coal. A report published by the environmental group yesterday, claims that Apple’s servers are powered largely by burning the fossil fuel. MORE

Cab drivers prove they are not Yellow

Drivers of New York’s livery cabs, which often venture into crimeridden neighbourhoods where the traditional Yellow Cab drivers fear to go, are to be issued with bullet-proof vests to protect them from potentially-dangerous fares.

Students baffled by email Uni offers

An email was mistakenly sent out to “several thousand” people congratulating them on getting a place at a university. A member of staff at the University of Sussex accidentally sent the email, which was meant to be a test, to thousands of people.