The News Matrix: Friday 26 August 2011

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Student charged for Anonymous attacks

A student from Hartlepool was charged yesterday over online attacks by the hacking group Anonymous. Peter David Gibson, 22, is accused of conspiracy to do an unauthorised act in relation to a computer, and will appear before magistrates on 7 September. He was arrested in April.

Four in 10 television workers are bullied

Almost 40 per cent of television workers have been bullied, with victims suffering long-term harassment, plagiarism of ideas and yelling, a survey has found. The proportion of people bullied soared from 28 per cent in 2003 to 39 per cent today, but 60 per cent said that bullies prosper.

Clegg’s blue period is ‘not a big deal’

Nick Clegg had blue paint thrown over him last night at a Liberal Democrat meeting in Glasgow – but the deputy prime minister immediately dismissed the attack as “not a big deal”. One man, understood to be in his early 20s, was arrested in connection with the incident, police said.

Irene takes aim at US east coast

The category three Hurricane Irene washed away homes in the Bahamas yesterday as it headed towards the US eastern seaboard and densely populated New York. Officials have warned residents from the Carolinas to New England that Irene is forecast to rake up the coast tomorrow.

Political cartoonist’s hands are broken

A political cartoonist who recently drew a sketch comparing President Bashar al-Assad to Colonel Gaddafi had both his hands broken yesterday by masked gunmen who dragged the 60-year-old out of his car. MORE

26 million obese Britons by 2031

The number of obese British adults is forecast to rise by 73 per cent over the next two decades from 15 million to 26 million, resulting in more than a million extra cases of diabetes, heart disease and cancer – and the crisis is being driven by a food industry bent on maximising profits, scientists have warned. MORE

Head teacher’s killer goes back to jail

The killer of the head teacher Philip Lawrence was sent back to prison yesterday, despite being acquitted of a mugging. Learco Chindamo, 31, faces a year in jail after breaching the terms of his release by meeting a gang member, breaking a curfew and failing a breath test.

Red Arrows’ flight ban to be lifted

The Red Arrows have been cleared to resume flying after a fatal crash - but sources say they are “extremely unlikely” to do any more air show performances this year. The Ministry of Defence confirmed today that there were no wider safety concerns about the aircraft.

Strauss-Kahn enjoys new-found freedom

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was enjoying his freedom yesterday, as he strolled around Manhattan in the sunshine with his wife, Anne Sinclair. Mr Strauss-Kahn became a free man on Tuesday when a judge ended the sexual assault case against him, but he is likely to face more legal action, with a civil case brought by the maid, Nafissatou Diallo.

Customs reports rise in illegal alcohol

French customs officials at Calais and Boulogne claim to have seized three times the amount of illegal alcohol normally smuggled into the UK. Some 82,000 litres of spirits – on which duty was increased to 54p a bottle this year in the UK – were seized in the past month alone.

Planet made of diamond is found

Scientists have discovered a planet made of crystalline carbon – or diamond – orbiting a spinning star 4,000 light-years away. Believed to be the shrunken core of a once massive star, the planet is just five times the size of Earth, but it has more mass than Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Fare-dodgers face £80 fine in London

Londoners who dodge fares on buses and the Tube could face fines of £80 from January next year under plans being reviewed by Mayor Boris Johnson. The current fine is £50, or £25 if paid within 21 days. Fee evasion across Transport for London services hit a three-year high of £63m in 2010.

Anaesthetised man dies in hospital fire

Police are investigating a Shanghai hospital after reports that surgeons left an anaesthetised man on the operating table when a fire broke out, resulting in his death by smoke inhalation. The 49-year-old was in a traffic accident, the Shanghai Daily reported, and was undergoing an amputation when a fire started in a nearby room.

Silvio reveals his herbal pick-me-up

The secret behind Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s remarkable staying power – both political and otherwise – has been revealed as herbal tea. The irrepressible 74-year-old playboy announced yesterday that the drink formed the basis of a special diet that has enabled him to lose 4kg (9lb) in little more than a week. MORE