The News Matrix: Monday 1 October 2012


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Rebels' suppliers call for end of feud

Stockpiles of weapons are being held in Turkey for the use of Syrian rebels, i has learnt, but their delivery to the battlefield is being held up by Qatari and Turkish suppliers, who are calling for the rebels to unite the factions fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army. MORE

Olympics get Brits on their bikes

Some 1,000 people were surveyed before and after the Olympics and 52 per cent were encouraged to cycle more as a result of the achievements of Team GB, up from 20 per cent before the Games.

Kidnapped British woman is rescued

A 23-year-old British woman kidnapped in Ecuador in the Amazon jungle has been rescued. The tourist, named by Ecuadorian army officials as Katherine Sara Cox, was taken with an Australian woman on Friday. The pair were said to be in good health. MORE

Justin Bieber suffers fever

Justin Bieber kicked off his Believe tour in the US this weekend, but illness struck and the teen idol vomited twice on stage during his sold-out concert in Glendale, Arizona. He left the stage after each episode and later apologised for being sick.

Third of pupils don't know Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is unknown to a third of schoolchildren while a quarter of adults have never read one of his plays. Actors such as Jeremy Irons reacted, calling for improvements to education. "You have to see it in order to be moved by it," he said.

Call for drones to patrol Britain's skies

Unmanned aerial drones should be used to police Britain's skies, Chief Constable Alex Marshall said yesterday. Speaking ahead of the launch of the new National Police Air Service, he said they would be cheaper, and more efficient than manned aircraft. However, privacy campaigners insist they would provide "big brother" surveillance without the support of someone nearby to help in case of a crime.

Lateness costing UK £9 billion a year

Lateness is costing the British economy £9 billion a year according to a new study. An average of 590,000 workers were found to be late per day, losing 97 minutes per month and costing £305 each a year. Fifty-six per cent of 1,000 people surveyed by Heathrow Express were late for meetings or events at least once a week.

Romney lags in polls ahead of debate

The Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has his work cut out as he heads into the first of his televised debates with President Obama, as polls show the incumbent with a heavy lead in swing states. MORE

News agency takes Onion story as fact

The Iranian news agency Fars picked up – as fact – a story from the satirical newspaper The Onion on a survey showing rural white Americans would rather have a drink with Iran's President than Barack Obama.

At least 26 die in co-ordinated blasts

A series of co-ordinated bombings shattered Shia neighbourhoods and struck at Iraqi security forces yesterday, killing at least 26 in attacks that one official described as a rallying call by al-Qai'da just days after dozens of militants escaped from prison. MORE

Government denies Christmas job losses

The Government has denied reports that 8,000 British troops will be made redundant over Christmas. Responding to a story in The Mail on Sunday that notices would be sent out during the festive period, the Ministry of Defence said the timing and size of any lay-offs had not yet been decided.

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