The News Matrix: Monday 26 August 2013


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Irish Sea aftershocks could be felt for days

Aftershocks from two earthquakes in the Irish Sea may be felt for days to come, the Irish National Seismic Network has claimed. They said the quakes, which occurred yesterday morning off the north-west coast of England, were probably caused by stresses built up during the Ice Age.

May: New law will help tackle slavery

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has said a new law will be introduced to tackle modern-day slavery. Arguing that it was “scarcely believable” that people trafficking happens in Britain today, she said the Modern Day Slavery Bill will create trafficking prevention orders.

The more your earn, the better you sleep

Wealthy people sleep better than the poor, a study has confirmed. Some 83 per cent of people earning over £75,000 a year saying they slept very well most nights, while a third of unemployed people said they slept poorly, according to a poll by the Sleep Council. MORE

Puma helicopters grounded after crash

The body of the fourth victim of a North Sea helicopter crash was recovered from the wreckage yesterday. The transport service CHC has grounded its fleet of Super Puma AS332 L2 aircraft as investigations into the cause of the crash continue. MORE

Lance Armstrong settles with ‘Times’

Lance Armstrong has reached a settlement with The Sunday Times which demanded the return of libel damages he won. He was awarded £300,000 after the paper alleged he had taken performance-enhancing drugs.

Mothers back plain cigarette packs

British mothers and grandmothers would support a move by the Government to introduce plain cigarette packaging. A poll carried out by Cancer Research UK found that 85 per cent of women with children or grandchildren under the age of 18 supported the idea. The Government has shelved plans to follow in the footsteps of Australia and require plain packaging. MORE

Cocaine use affects brain activity

Cocaine boosts learning and decision-making circuits in the brain, but not in a good way, a US  study has shown. Mice given the drug rapidly developed growth in their frontal cortex but also started to choose environments where they could find the drug. The researchers believe the study sheds light on drug dependency.

Powell criticises Trayvon verdict

The former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said the jury verdict in the Trayvon Martin case will come to be seen as “questionable”, but he is unsure if it will have “staying power”. Talking to CBS’s Face the Nation, Powell said that cases like this “blaze across the midnight sky” but are soon forgotten.

Early Beatles fan sells Lennon’s tie

A tie which belonged to John Lennon fetched more than £3,000 at the 22nd Annual Beatles Memorabilia Auction. The black knitted tie was given to Joyce McWilliams, 66, by Lennon at Liverpool’s famed Cavern Club in 1962, when she was 15.

Rare turtle babies surprise keepers

Two of the world’s rarest turtles appeared at Birmingham Sea Life Centre, surprising staff who had no idea the Roti Island snake-necked turtles had laid eggs. “We came in one morning and found two youngsters,” curator Graham Burrows said.