The News Matrix: Monday 27 January 2014


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Pregnant woman is taken off life support

The family of a brain-dead pregnant woman say she has been taken off life-support in a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, just two days after a judge ruled that the hospital couldn't keep her alive to protect the life of her baby. The unhooking of Marlisa Munoz, who was about 20 weeks pregnant, brings to a close an episode that saw her bereaved husband pitted against the hospital. MORE

Paterson accused of 'complacency'

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been accused of "complacency" after it was revealed that his department's spending on climate change initiatives has fallen by 41 per cent. Critics claim his scepticism could be exposing the UK to a greater risk of flooding. MORE

Women and children can now leave Homs

Women and children trapped by a regime siege in the city of Homs will be given a chance to leave. The development was announced by the United Nations mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi, at the end of the second day of talks in Geneva between the regime and the rebels. MORE

British OAP being denied legal advice

A mentally ill British OAP sentenced to death in Pakistan after being found guilty of breaching blasphemy laws is being denied legal advice. His lawyers say they were not allowed to visit Muhammad Asghar, 69, despite having arranged the visit with prison authorities. MORE

Silent vigil for gang-raped woman

Students held a silent vigil outside the hospital where a young woman, allegedly gang-raped on the orders of a tribal council, is recovering. Police are investigating the public attack, which the woman claims was punishment for a relationship with a married Muslim man. MORE

Anti-government protests spread

Ukraine's anti-government protests spread further over the weekend, despite concessions from President Viktor Yanukovych, raising fears the peaceful movement is now morphing into a national uprising. MORE

Channel Tunnel workers poisoned

Nineteen Channel Tunnel workers have been hospitalised after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning on Saturday. Some 60 people were re-railing tracks between Calais and Folkestone when a worker became "seriously ill" and was rushed to a hospital, with 18 others admitted afterwards.

Unesco to assess damage to museum

A Unesco team will assess the damage to a renowned Islamic art museum caused by a bomb targeting the nearby security headquarters in Cairo. The museum will also receive $100,000 (£60,000) from the UN cultural agency to help with restoration. There were four attacks on Friday and six people were killed.

Girls' voices fill Canterbury at last

History has been made as the first Canterbury Cathedral all-girls' choir made its debut public performance after more than 1,000 years of male-dominated singing. Sixteen local girls aged between 12 and 16 were selected for Evensong on Saturday.

Roman helmet helps museum draw visits

A rare Roman helmet has helped attract more than 20,000 people to a museum in Carlisle. Visitor numbers at Tullie House have tripled, the museum said. The Crosby Garrett helmet was discovered in May 2010 by metal-detector enthusiasts.

Marines net a hit with 'Grease' song

A group of Swedish marines have become YouTube hit after making a lip-synced version of "Greased Lightnin'". The video of 18 soldiers dressed in camouflage gear recreating the scene from the 1978 musical Grease has been watched more than 600,000 times.

Half of UK adults fear higher bills

More than half of UK adults say they will have to cut spending to cope with rising bills. Some 58 per cent of people fear the effect of higher bills, Citizens Advice has warned. Meanwhile, 20 per cent of British households are struggling or falling behind with payments.