The News Matrix: Monday 30 September 2013


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Israeli PM questions Iranian detente

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the US to try and counter a thawing in relations between America and Iran. He is due to meet President Obama and address the UN General Assembly, after President Rouhani launched his diplomatic offensive last week. MORE

Forth Bridge climb academic slammed 

An Oxford University academic has been condemned by police and rail officials after describing his night-time climb of the Forth Bridge as like “riding a dragon”. Dr Bradley Garrett staged the climb while studying a subculture of people who explore off-limits urban spaces. MORE

Daily Mail dig gets Miliband response

Labour leader Ed Miliband has criticised the Daily Mail over an article it ran calling his father Ralph “the man who hated Britain”. Mr Miliband said he was “not prepared to allow his good name to be denigrated in this way”. The paper had agreed to publish a response.

Tuareg rebels battle with government

Residents of the Mali town of Kidal said the army and separatist rebels were exchanging gunfire late on Sunday. It follows an explosion earlier in the day near the headquarters of the Tuareg rebel group MNLA, which recently withdrew from a peace accord with the government.

Bannatyne can’t work out his clients

Businessman Duncan Bannatyne has taken a swipe at his own business empire, saying he is unhappy with some customers at his gyms. The Dragons’ Den star lamented the rise of “problem” clients. MORE

Safety fears as pilots  face flexible rosters

Anxious passengers will be watching as a row about flying hours intensifies today between pilots and Europe’s airlines. Members of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament will vote this afternoon in Brussels on proposals to establish common flight and duty time limitations across Europe. But pilots say they will not improve safety. MORE

Westgate attackers used Islam test

Information emerging about the attack on the Westgate Mall suggests the attackers were armed with 20 questions about Islam to separate Muslims from “infidels”. Witnesses reported seeing the al-Shabab gunmen ask people questions about things such as the name of the Prophet Mohamed’s mother. MORE

One giant leap for the space industry

Nasa’s newest delivery service made its first shipment to the International Space Station on Sunday. Orbital Sciences Corp, a private company, sent an unmanned cargo ship up with a half-ton of meals and treats for the station’s astronauts. The flight is seen as a step forward for the booming commercial space industry.

Blue suede shoes back on trend

Blue suede shoes are making a comeback after a rising number of 21st-century men have been spotted stepping out in the footwear. Prince Harry, Jeremy Paxman and Michael Gove have all donned the shoes. MORE

‘Home & Away’ lighthouse saved

Firefighters have rescued the lighthouse made famous in the soap Home and Away. Hot and windy weather on the Barrenjoey headland near Sydney caused a major bushfire. Nearby Palm Beach is called Summer Bay in the hit programme.

Journal to revive the write stuff

The University of Nottingham is hoping to revive the art of letter writing with the launch of The Letters Page, a journal of letters detailing love, loss and daily life.

Red-backed shrike breeds again in UK

The red-backed shrike, a rare species almost driven to extinction in Britain, has successfully bred again on Dartmoor, according to the RSPB.