The News Matrix: Monday 4 April 2011

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Tsunami warning after Java quake

A tsunami warning was issued by Indonesian seismologists last night after an earthquake initially measured as 7.1 magnitude was recorded off the coast of Java. Two years ago 44 people were killed after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the same area.

High-profile artist held in crackdown

Ai Weiwei, China’s most controversial artist, was detained by police as he boarded a flight at Beijing airport yesterday, the highest-profile action yet in a clampdown on dissenting voices. The Chinese government has arrested dozens of lawyers and writers since February. MORE

Koussa to be quizzed over Lockerbie role

Scottish officials have arrived in London to question Libya’s former foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, on what he knows about the Lockerbie bombing. The interview, which could happen today, comes as calls grow for him not to be granted immunity. MORE

Gardeners get SOS on butterfly decline

Gardeners have been asked to help stop the decline of the UK’s butterflies. Butterfly Conservation wants people to plant blooms which attract the insects. MORE

Air France disaster debris recovered

Debris from the mid-Atlantic Air France disaster has been found by a deep-sea robotic vessel. The Airbus airliner crashed on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in June 2009 with the loss of 228 lives. It is the fourth attempt to recover the black boxes which should show why it crashed.

Watchdog warning over fees hike

The gap between the rich and poor will grow as a result of the university fees increase, the Government’s own social mobility watchdog has warned. Most universities will increase their fees to £9,000, which is likely to deter thousands from student life. MORE

Koran burning sparks new unrest

Violent protests have claimed at least 23 lives in Afghanistan as demonstrations – encouraged by the Taliban, against the burning of a Koran by a Florida church – spread for a third day. The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, condemning the desecration. MORE

Leader expected to win a landslide vote

The result of yesterday’s election in Kazakhstan was such a foregone conclusion that one opposition candidate said he voted for the incumbent. Results are expected to show a landslide for Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has run the country since the end of the Soviet Union. MORE

Tsunami deaths at nuclear plant

Two workers at the Fukushima nuclear complex were killed in the devastating tsunami that crippled the plant. The deaths were the first confirmed deaths at Fukushima. The men, aged 21 and 24, had been missing since the massive earthquake on 11 March triggered the wave, but their bodies were discovered only last week.

Pet Shop Boys to support Take That

The duo behind the 1980s’ hit West End Girls are to join UK pop’s favourite boy band. The Pet Shop Boys will support Take That on their sell-out UK tour. Take That were “delighted and honoured” the duo will be on the Progress tour, which starts on 27 May at Sunderland.

Modern children are ‘bad losers’

Sulking, throwing equipment, tears and tantrums are what we can expect from children who have lost the art of losing graciously, says a Cricket Foundation report. MORE

Book details John Paul II’s miracles

A new book details miracles attributed to the late Pope John Paul II. Pilgrims will descend on Rome next month to celebrate his beatification after a French nun’s remarkable recovery in 2005 from Parkinson’s disease was recognised as a miracle attributable to him. MORE

Elephant packs her trunk to a better life

Anne, an elderly elephant which was secretly filmed being attacked by her circus groom, has been moved to a new home at Longleat safari park, in Wiltshire. The owners of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, where the attack was filmed taking place, have denied any knowledge of the abuse.

Adele spends record 10th week at No 1

Adele is breaking records left, right and centre with her album 21,which, with 10 weeks at No 1, has made her the longest chart-topping female solo artist in history. The Londoner’s debut album, 19, stayed at No 2.

Rescuers net sick 440lb giant turtle

An ailing giant turtle, considered sacred in Vietnam, has been captured by rescuers who hope to give it medical attention. It took 50 workers two hours to net the mammoth 440lb (200kg) creature. Its ill-health was attributed to pollution from the lake in Hanoi.

Etonian, 16, leaves on ski trip to North Pole

In a true embodiment of “if at first you don’t succeed…”, a 16-year-old pupil at Eton is trying again in his ambitious endeavour to ski to the North Pole. Parker Liautaud had to stop 15 miles shy of his goal last year. But he set off again on Saturday. He faces temperatures of -35C.

Sheen’s Torpedo of Truth misfires

Charlie Sheen’s hastily arranged attempt to capitalise on his internet notoriety backfired badly as the first night of the star’s Violent Torpedo of Truth tour – a rambling monologue interspersed with video clips – ended with heckling and walkouts. MORE

Junta issues warning on ‘decadent’ clothes

Revellers who wear “decadent” clothing during Burma’s New Year celebrations could face up to a month in prison. The four-day festival begins on 13 April and is one of the few times that citizens can relax under the watchful eye of the repressive regime.